Options To Have The Box Truck Wrapped In

truck sticker wrap

One of the common practices is to have the truck or trailer wrapped in acrylic covering to keep it safe from the elements.  It is quite possible that the exterior is kept free from grime and the undesirable effects of the high traffic that happens to roll on by.  To the untrained eye, a simple wrapping of the truck externals is not much of a big do but to the specialists, there happens to be a world of difference as to what kind of pickup sticker print to use in each case.

It would be pertinent at this point to study the various kinds of covering available in the space of lorry sticker print Singapore.  There are no doubt some common good that can come out of the works but on the whole there seems to be a simple to do feature of the covering that needs to be examined up close.

Basic Vinyl Graphics

This constitutes the most humble and the simplest of coverings possible to the truck or trailer. A sheet of vinyl is made to measure and then shrunk to fit the body of the truck that is being fitted out with theBox truck installation.  The good think about a truck pickup wrap is that it is possible to cover up any scratches and nicks that might be present in the body of the paint work and more importantly provide an outlook that is consistent and all covering to boot.

Intermediate Graphics

While the basic graphics does not use much of pictures and mainly dwells on a single color or theme to do the exterior of the truck, the intermediate graphics works depends on simple lettering and some simple pictures to boot. Cost wise, the charge to do the intermediate covering works to around half the graphics charge for a fully covered vehicle most of the time as the graphics are more used as essential features rather than keep the space loaded to the brim.

Advanced Graphics

In the advanced graphics coverage, the truck or trailer is covered completely with a wrap that is graphically rich and superior too in quality. The entire body is covered in color and patterns and because of the nature of the works it becomes possible to have the quality on offer as being one of the highest on offer to the clients.

Some garages like a partial wrap with advanced graphics as it helps keep the costs low and at the same time ensure a presentable look to the vehicle.


Although ever truck and trailer owner needs to have the vehicle looking at its best appearance, it would be evident from the above that cost of doing the show does count to a great deal. At the same time, there are options which make the costs more affordable and within the reach of the humble trailer or truck owner. After all this is one line of work where appearances matter on how customers perceive the trucker at best.