Making Your Own Beef Jerky

Burgers jerky is one of the most preferred American foods but from time to time buying this in the local grocery store can be quite costly. There are also pitfalls in buying commercially and artificially prepared beef dried meats products because of their rich preservative and chemical contents, which are usually proven to be harmful to the human body.

So what can we do to remedy the purchase price as well as the content problem of beef jerky products obtained in the grocery? The answer is simple, don’t buy them. Instead, turn the own beef jerky in the comforts of your kitchen. Accomplishing this is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Today, it is also possible to learn the proper way of making your very own home made beef jerky. We shall teach you how.

How Is It Done

The most basic ingredient is actually the meat. You can choose from a wide variety of meat choices like lamb, pork, but the most common and original choice is the meats meat. You should choose a cut of meat that will prevent more time in preparation. Some of the choice cuts are mostly the exact lean cut portions such as sirloin, top round, eye lids round, and a few others more. Lean cuts are simply the meat portions with the least fat content. If you are fairly unsure which part of the meat to choose, you can always ask without the intervention of the butcher or the attendant.

The next step in the preparation approach is the slicing of thin meat strips. There are some butchers who will do this freely for you – all you have to do can be ask. There are actually two ways of slicing the meat. People are by following the thread lines of the meat and the many other one is by slicing across the thread lines. You must eliminate any fat included in the meat because the fat contents never will dry out. If you do not do this, the beef jerky won’t flavour as good. If you are having problems slicing the soft meat, you are able to refrigerate it for about thirty minutes prior to slicing. This process rigidizes the meat a little, making the slicing process a bit a lot easier.

Now that you have prepared the meat slices, you can start marinating it. The most common recipe for marinating is the mixture of lager vinegar and rock sea salt. There are also other recipes feel free to use in marinating your beef jerky. The whole idea recommendations to allow the meat to absorb the flavor of the marinade.

If you prefer your beef jerky a bit stickier, you can put the damp meat inside the refrigerator in about four up to 23 hours. If otherwise, just lay it down on the kitchen stand where air circulates constantly. After soaking, you can now fur the meat with a variety of seasonings you like.

The final step during the preparation of beef jerky is the dehydration process. You possibly can either use a dehydrator or an oven for this. You must it is important to lay down your meat in an orderly manner so that you can stay clear of any meat touching one other. When you’re using the oven, make sure you preheat it first and then set the temperature to be able to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s about 65 degrees Celsius.

The dehydration process allows the meat moisture for you to evaporate gradually. This may take about six to twelve working hours, depending on the temperature, the level of humidity, and the thickness of your steak slices. You should regularly check the jerky slices if it’s waterless enough to your preference, but not too dry. To ensure that it’s not at all raw, you may need to cut into it. The final color of each burgers jerky must turn into deep brown or burgundy.
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As soon as all of the beef jerky slices are ready, you can place them indoors plastic bags and store them in the freezer or simply refrigerator. You can then enjoy your home made beef jerky the week.