Gallery and Review: Comic Con Revolution 2018

The exact convention started off rough and was a roller coaster of good and bad times. First off, it’s a pretty far drive from where I live, nonetheless luckily there wasn’t too much traffic. We went in 2009 and parked in a dirt lot right across the street. Most people tried to park there again but were waved away from and told to park in a different lot. Went along to the lot as directed but it was closed. From that country we were told to go to the North parking lot, but that was closed down too because they didn’t have a cashier (don’t know the key reason why they couldn’t have just let us park for free in that case. ) That person directed us back to the south lot, which in turn we knew to be full because we had literally simply just come from there. Couldn’t do anything about it though so we placed drive and low and behold, the dirt bunch was opened. So after a good 20 minutes with wandering around we finally parked where we had in the beginning tried to. So the day started off on a bit of a low note. We have our tickets after waiting in a moderately long security measure line. Inside we went immediately over to the style actor’s booths and got a signed print from the Roadhog voice actor. It’s my goal to get a signed print out of each of the original characters, and maybe some of the new ones (like Moira and Brigitte who I play a lot of! ). Suddenly the day seemed brighter. So off we went along to sign up for the costume contest. My sister gave the name and signed up first and I got the very previous spot available for registration. Great! But then the person signing united states up asked if I was the sister or mother. A smaller amount great. Devastating actually. It’s amazing how a little element like that can really weigh a person down. It probably appears to be minor and petty, but I’ve been feeling all the way down about my age and appearance. I’m seven years more than my sister but to be mistaken for her mother… good, it really shattered my confidence and I didn’t really endure that until much later in the day.

We wandered around a bit then went back to the car to suit up. Managed to get into my Auriel costume which takes a surprising period and effort. We then made our way back to the custom. I felt really nervous to debut it also first it had a rather luke-warm reception. I got a few images with people then went outside to take some more with my favorite fiance and photographer. Then the tummy troubles hit. Bought out of costume, ate some food and drank some mineral water and just tried to relax until the contest.

After getting on costume and going back into the convention, I met with a bunch of other cosplayers and started to feel a little significantly better. I love seeing everyone’s costumes and the contest is a great spot for a see what everyone is proud to show. We met a little daughter first time deku cosplay who was very nervous about her primary contest. I also ran into a few people I’ve met during other cons. Everyone was excited, nervous, and enthusiastic together with it’s hard not to feel good when there is so much positive electrical power! I even won best in show!

But it wasn’t most of great, I did have a bit of an embarrassing thing happen. Just after going up on stage I sat down in the time for relax and watch the last entrants do their walk. Eventually the judges came out to announce the winners and very last they called me as best in show! Little would I know that sitting down had skewed my belts and caused the magnets holding it in place to come undone as I was walking up to accept my prize. Happily is wasn’t broken or anything and my fiance was there to pop the belt back into position. (I wasn’t able to do it myself because of the gloves as well as lack of visibility). There’s even an embarrassing video of the overall thing. Ugh! My worst nightmare! At least it didn’t materialize when I was presenting my costume for the first time on point.

I got a really cool medal and $500 which I utilized by more autographs from Overwatch voice actors! I got Zenyatta and Hanzo on Sunday. The rest will be put on the way to my next project! Sunday was a pretty mellow daytime. I dressed up for a bit and took more photographs, but we mostly walked the convention hall.